Cashback Offer

What is the cashback offer?


Debit card cashback is a service offered to retail customers whereby an amount is added to the total purchase price of your transaction and paid by debit card or credit card of the customer receives that amount in cash along with the purchase.

How do cashback offers work?

Cashback is essentially a rebate of a percentage of the purchases you make on the card.  An example of this is cash back earned through card-linked offers. With flat-rate cash back credit cards, every purchase earns the same percentage cash back


What store gives the most cash back?

Stores That Give the Most Cash Back ($100+)



Save Mart Supermarkets / S-Mart.

Shoppers Food Warehouse.



Whole Foods. Accepted payment methods for cash back: Debit card.

Winn-Dixie. Accepted payment methods for cash back: Debit card and Discover credit.

Are cashback cards worth it?

If you do not pay off your card in full each month, the rewards are not worth it. For example, on a cash back card, you can earn between 1-5% cash back on each purchase made.  So it will save your money to pay for your purchases in cash, reasonably than your credit card or a Debit card simply for the cashback deal

How do I get cashback in Paytm?

Open your order in Paytm app/website, and tap on the cashback button against the particular item to get your cash back.

Confirm the cashback comply with the terms and conditions of your purchase.

Wait for cashback to be processed.

Paytm cashback has been successfully credited when you made the transaction against in your account.

Can Paytm cashback be transferred to the bank account?

If you are a new Paytm user without KYC, you have to wait three days to transfer money from your Paytm Wallet to the bank account.  You can send a minimum of Rs.100 to your bank account via the service. Every Paytm user can transfer up to Rs.5,000 at a time, with 25,000 per month the limit.


Can I get cashback on Paytm without KYC?

Paytm says that all users will continue to receive cash back in their accounts irrespective of their KYC status. However, non-KYC users cannot transfer this money to their bank accounts or to any other Paytm users, whereas KYC users will be able to send their cash back to their Bank account.


Can Paytm mall cashback be transferred to the bank account?

Yes, but you cannot directly transfer it. First, you have to transfer your cash to a paid account by scanning QR code using paytm mall app and from there you can transfer it to your bank account.


Can I transfer Paytm cashback to another Paytm account?

Yes, you transfer your cashback amount to another paytm a/c and even you withdraw that cashback to your bank account. Paytm cashback doesn’t expire. But in other wallets (like Mobikwik and free charge) you can’t send cashback to another same wallet a/c.

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