Real Estate in India

Investment in real estate in India

Property Investments in India have become a gold mine for the investors. The growth and development of cities across the country have added growth in prices across the country. According to the survey, 65% of working individuals prefer own real estate as a mode of long-term investment

Price Boom in the Real estate

Property prices are improved every year, as per the survey 16.5% prices gone high in the last year, in this survey you will come to know the power of the property investment plans how significantly increased and how the business increased every year.

Why do the investors are interested in the Real estate

Real estate becomes the gold mine for the investors, who actually want to invest in real estate that really worth.
Mysore and Bangalore are the best examples cities which are the best to invest in real estate. Because as we can see there is a lot of organization hosted in these cities like Infosys, Wipro, other BPO and KPO industries. And also other cities like Chennai, Kochi, Lucknow, Bhopal, Madurai and Vizag, and other so many cities are growing up faster. One needs to focus on cities where there is commercial and industrial development.

Before Investing on the real estate property there is some point need has to be considered below.

Have patient:

Buying a property is consuming the time, while many real estate firms offer to complete formalities overnight. The fact remains that exhibiting patience can help you land a good deal.
And also the seller may also delay completing the project to check your patients, whether you may offer better price what seller expecting.

Research on a property:

Before you jump in to buy property do research on the property. which you have shortlisted to buy, do complete research on the property whether any property has under any mortgage or loan,  and also need to check on the property has any litigation.

Check on property paper:

Buying a property without clear titles can lead to long drawn court cases or litigations. which essentially nullify the investment. All property papers have to be checked by legal experts to authenticate them, for failure to do this could see you purchasing a property which could bemire in controversy.

Check the Market rate of the Property

Before offering the value to the seller check on the property value on the present market, then you will come to the conclusion that what is the property value and how much you can offer to the seller on the property.

Calculate your finance position:

Before you buy the property check on your financial position whether is it you have enough fund or not. If not check an financial institution or bank to apply for the loan with the lowest interest rate.


Negotiations are a key aspect of the Indian real estate system, as everyone is looking for the best deal. Which will make them richer. Negotiation is helping to get extra freebies like parking space and Furniture, etc.

Considering the Risk Factors:

While buying any property considering the Risk factors is most important because in India Legal hurdles and property disputes are most common. Make sure that the property which you are interested is hurdles free and no property disputes

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