Republic Day Dhamaka offers on Paytmmall

Republic Day Dhamaka cashback offers and more discount offers on Paytm mall

  In this Republic day offers from January 24, 2019, to January 28, 2019, provides you wonderfull offer on Paytm mall don’t wait for the till the date just go and register now and get a chance to win worth 500 rs discount coupon today.

How to join a contest and win 500rs worth cashback coupon?

Just Login to the website of Login to your Paytmmall account if you already have an account with the Paytmmall otherwise signup with the Paytmmall where the option is available in right side corner. Use your mobile number to enter the contest.

What is all about the contest and how to win the contest?

The contest is going to be very easy I will explain what contest I have gone through after entering my mobile number I have got next page where I have to complete the contest. There just given a very easy puzzle and the right-hand side given a word which we have to drag and complete in the puzzle.
Example: word India is given means we have to find the individual letters of the word in the puzzle click and drag the letters and complete the word you will get the successful massage in the right-hand side.
Once you complete all the words you will redirect you to next page where you will find the 500rs Worth Coupon save the coupon with you use it in the campaign time from January 24, 2019, to January 28, 2019.   Apart from that, you will also find the offer to get cashback offers which offer available on the site.

Discount offers up to 40% to 80%

Paytm mall providing the offers to the customers on Republic offers from 40% to 80% discount on their product.

Discount offers on Clothing product from 20% to 50% discount offer on the purchase

Attractive CashBack offers on Electronic gadgets and other products.

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